I've had a fantastic year so far with some great clients and collaborations with several more in the pipeline. I guess I could go on but ultimately you want to see what I've been up to so here's a selection of my most recent work.


A 1 minute social media short set to a voice recording of Neil Armstrong explaining the view from the moon in a 1970 interview with Patrick Moore on Sky At Night. Music by ST:E.


An in-studio 1 day project in May 2018 for sh studio. It's a 1 minute short of Donald Trump's unfathomably ridiculous opinions and views. Backing track provided by myself and the copy was run through a text to speech service for added comedy and craziness.


I was asked to collaborate with h2the on this project. He wanted to show the desperation and the need to be popular on social media. I took his track and interpreted the theme in my own way. It became this following looping video.


Cute with dark undertones it shows how popularity can soon lead to social bankruptcy.

Erez Safar - h2the

I've been a fan of Ste Holmes' work and when I approached him about my Social Bankruptcy series idea, I wasn't sure exactly how it would play out, I think the colorful imagery as a contrast to the desperation and loss is spot on.


Bo approached me after seeing one of my illustrations and asked if he could use it in a video. I suggested turning it into an intro and that's how it started. I then did two more intros for his other YouTube channels in a similar style.


The following video is the Bo Beats showreel with all three stings.

It has been a pleasure working with Ste Holmes. He is a professional in both communication and execution. And with a feel for how to make videos that feel personal.

Bo Nurmi - Bo Beats


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